Introducing Boxwars Brum

In recent years, the cardboard craze that is Boxwars has spread into many locations all around the world. Now it’s Birmingham’s turn to join the cardboard carnage.

Get ready for Boxwars Brum.

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What are Boxwars?

“Boxwars is a collective of people who make cardboard creations and then gather together to destroy them in an epic battle.”

Birmingham’s first Boxwars will take place on Sunday 1st July just before dusk in an open space somewhere in the city centre, promising to be an unforgettable family-friendly way to close off your weekend. 

We want to see as many Brummies gathering cardboard, building their creations and getting involved in the battle as possible. In the run-up to the 1st July, we’ll be hosting Boxwars maker meetups, sharing a whole bunch of tools and ideas and seeking to work with local maker spaces to help the city get making their cardboard creations.

If you’re interested in getting involved or want to stay updated, sign up to the mailing list here. 

Boxwars will be taking place among a variety of other events including Brum Zine Fest and community organised happenings during the WMCA Mayors community weekend. 

More details will be shared on this blog site over the coming weeks so watch this space.

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Who’s backing Boxwars Brum?


I saw the ‘Battle of the Boxes’ video by Great Big Story back in January 2018 and I liked the idea of using this as a way to get people of all ages and backgrounds in Birmingham making stuff and coming together. I have no idea how to make the armor and stuff but I’m looking to have some fun doing it and want to bring some people on that journey too.

“Let’s create space for Brummies to unbox their pent-up creative energy”

Daniel is on twitter @danielyep


I have just started up a cosplay and Props commission business where I build using Eva foam, thermoplastics, casting materials and some 3D print work. I was introduced to Andre earlier this week and he explained a little about the project but I had seen YouTube vids of this sort of thing before and loved the look of it. I’m really excited to be involved in this project.

Connect with Rich at


I have been looking into activities enabling the public to participate in maker culture (especially design and digital fab ). Daniel told me about box wars and I think it’s the perfect fit! I want to encourage curiosity, and creative confidence inviting them to design their own suits of armor together within co-working spaces like Impact Hub, and get them made within productive spaces like MeltingPot. Kondo’s angle is R+D, so we will be documenting the entire process. We will also get involved in helping stimulate the making and designing with a few sessions here there and think about coming up with a ‘digital template armory’ for the public to access design templates to work from

+ there are a lot of roads to be built between this emergence of new spaces and movements, so I believe activities like this are here to bridge the gap.

Connect with Andre at



As much as I’m down with the whole community participation / crafting angle the real reason I’m down is because running into each other in giant boxes sounds like my idea of a banging day out.

I spend most of my days at Impact Hub Birmingham and I’m a photographer / videographer. &


I love events like this and Brum’s been a bit short of these kinda things recently.

I was the co-organiser for the Zombie Walk in the city and do a lot of stuff with cosplayers, comic cons and flashmobs (people who like to dress up and have a random outdoor social basically) so am hoping to pool in people from all the diff groups for this.

I’m also currently Editor of the ‘I Am Birmingham‘.

Connect with Adam @AdamYosef


When Daniel first shared the Box Wars video I was instantly transported into a cardboard world like that in Gondry’s Science of Sleep… except everyone was smashing it to smitherines(!)

My creative practice is centered around using simple materials to explore complex topics, so I loved the imagination and sophistication of the cardboard designs, instinctively wanting to try and make something and encourage others to do the same.

I’m also organising #BrumZineFest, a celebration of independent publishing and DIY making that aims to bring people together using zine approaches, methodologies and formats. For us, it feels like the perfect marriage of DIY attitude to link up and do these glorious events alongside one another and create space for people to make and share ideas together in Brum on Sunday 1st July. I think there’s going to be a real buzz in the air, and of course, cardboard will fly.


I make coffee in and around Brum. I just think that cardboard needs to be taken down a level. It a bit arrogant for me. I’m also a textbook nerd (d and d, video games, the lot!) Look forward to helping with this amazing idea!

Coffee Nomad in Instagram


With a background in Architecture, I started a project focused on providing affordable access to bespoke and unique pop up spaces & environments for designers makers and artists. Last year I curated and provided a 6-month pop up in brum city centre to give access to independent designers. I am currently working on an R+D project with the aim of developing and prototyping portable pop up units and as part of this project, we will be investigating the potentials of Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality & Virtual Reality in retail environments. Andre invited me to be a part of boxwars and I was sold when he said that we would be able to design own armour and fight!’ I am also working very closely with Kiondo inana R + D project looking at circular economies so i’d be very interested in looking at how the cardboard can be recycled or repurposed.

Connect with Lisa on Twitter @PopinUK

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