Don’t be Recycled, Join the Fight: Ways to get involved with #BoxwarsBrum

Hello Cardboard warriors! We’ve spent some surveying the Boxwars landscape and looking time into this global phenomenon to gain a few insights into how it works and what it might take to get as many people involved in Boxwars Brum as possible and it’s actually quite simple, we need to gather our cardboard and get making!

Given our heritage and culture of making as a city and the ongoing maker revolution powered by the access to digital making technologies in spaces across the city, we have the potential to create some remarkable cardboard creations. So whether it’s cardboard props and armour or complex sets and structures we have planned a selection of open making sessions for all to come along and experiment with what can be built out of cardboard in the run-up to Boxwars.

The #BoxwarsBrum team will be hosting three main maker sessions which we’re calling ‘Boxwars Bootcamps.’ Here people can come along with their ideas, meet the team and other cardboard warriors but most importantly – get making.

We’ll have cardboard and tools available to share, but feel free to bring and share any cardboard, tools, and ideas you have. Spend as little or as much time as you like, testing your ideas or if you’re a confident maker you can come along and help others to make their ideas work. Make and take your cardboard creations to develop them in time for the 1st July.

Boxwars Bootcamps will be happening at Impact Hub Birmingham in conjunction with a bunch other events that share similar cultures of design, making and DIY. We welcome people of all ages to drop in. Dates and details below.

Boxwars Bootcamp #1
Monday 4th June | 6:30-9pm
Impact Hub Birmingham

Come along to the first Bootcamp at Impact Hub Birmingham’s Open Project Night where we’ll explore ideas and get testing some ideas for the event together. Open Project Night is a space that regularly welcomes creatives, activists, entrepreneurs, dreamers, scientists, makers and doers, imagineers working on projects, ventures and ideas focused on building a better Birmingham.

Feel free to drop in at any time but we’d love to know numbers how many people to expect, so do register here


Boxwars Bootcamp #2
Sunday 10th June | 11am-2pm
Impact Hub Birmingham

The second cardboard making session will be taking place during Birmingham Design Festival. We’re really excited to be hosting this workshop as part of a whole day packed with talks and workshops from some amazing thinkers and doers. Drop in for a chance to experiment with your design and making skills and a chat about how we can create more spaces for people to develop their creative abilities in the city.

Feel free to drop in at any time but we’d love to know numbers how many people to expect, so do register here.

Boxwars Bootcamp #3 Battle Day
Sunday 1st July | 1:30pm-5:30pm
Impact Hub Birmingham

We’ll be spending the afternoon at Brum Zine Fest building epic cardboard creations before we all parade from Impact Hub Birmingham to the final battle location. Join us to put the last minute finishing touches to your battle gear.

Feel free to drop in at any time but we’d love to know numbers how many people to expect, so do register here.

Cardboard Maker Sessions across the city

None of these dates or locations work for you? We’d love to support people across the city to hold Cardboard making sessions within their own homes, communities, and spaces. If you have access to space or you have the passion and skills to help people get making then feel free to get in touch so we can talk about how we might make help this happen. Let’s be entirely clear though, you do not need permission from us, we’d just love to know about it. Use the hashtag #BoxwarsBrum so we can give you a digital high five.

#Boxwars Set Design and Cardboard Installation

Are you a super sculpting artist? Do you love construction or creating physical installations in public spaces. We are seeking for artists and makers who would be up for collaboration and lending their creative mastery to the creation of some show-stopping cardboard masterpieces to be destroyed in battle. If you’re interested, drop us an email to

Participating in and attending the Battle

We are still working out some of the logistics and confirming the location of the battle itself. Once these details are confirmed a registration process will be published for both spectators and participating cardboard warriors, just so that we have an idea of how many people to expect.

Share ideas and connect through Facebook
We have set up a Facebook group for Cardboard warriors and Boxwars enthusiasts to share ideas here.

Finally, here are some selected bits of inspiration to get your ideas going in advance of the Boxwars Bootcamps.


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