The Boxwars Brum will be taking place on Sunday 1st July. Together we will transform the Impact Hub Birmingham courtyard and car park into a spectacle of cardboard wonders under the magnificent railway arches, followed by the Boxwars Brum Showdown.

Walker Building, 58 Oxford St, Digbeth, Birmingham, B5 5NR

The Programme

Boxwars Bootcamp Cardboard Maker Session

Whether you want to make your own personal battle costume ready for the showdown or you want to help build cardboard creations to be included in the car park of cardboard wonders, all are welcome to drop in anytime between 1:30pm-5:30pm to join in the making. Cardboard will be made available as well as limited tools for cutting and sticking so we encourage you to bring your own along to use where possible.

Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.

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Boxwars Brum Showdown

5:30pm – The Parade
The showdown will start with a parade of cardboard creations up and down the Impact Hub Birmingham Courtyard followed by the opening of a host of cardboard games and piñatas. Spectators are welcome to hang out and party and there will be music playing as well as food and drink on sale to get the party going.

6:00pm – The Car park of cardboard wonders Opens
Cardboard warriors, will be set on a collaborative mission to locate and activate their cardboard weaponary for the final battle. Expect a delightfully destructive treasure hunt with plenty of playful clues and cardboard conundrums.

(Please note this section of the day may not be suitable for small children under 5 unless accompanied by an adult)

6:30/7:00pm – The Battle Commences (over 16s Only)
Once the treasure hunt is complete and the cardboard conundrums have been solved, the alarm will sound and it’s time for battle. All cardboard creations will be destroyed in the carnage and the party continues.

7:30pm – Epic Cleanup & Cardboard Recycling Party
Boxwars Brum Showdown is the official after party of the Birmingham Zine Fest and part of the Mayor’s Community Weekend, supported by National Lottery funding and the West Midlands Combined Authority. As the music plays, we will gather all the cardboard together, ready to be recycled. Feel free to take your cardboard suit (or what remains of it) home with you.

See you There!



Is there an age limit on who can get involved?
BoxWars Brum is a family-friendly event open to people across all the generations, however, there may be some activities that are unsuitable for small children to participate in. We advise that children under 13 are accompanied by an adult.

Are there any rules for participating?
There are 5 official BoxWars rules

  1. No winners in boxwars….only losers
  2. Don’t do to someone you wouldn’t want done to yourself
  3. Common sense
  4. Cardboard
  5. Warriors must forfeit their suit to a minor who desires it post battle

Will there be food?
Food and drink will be on sale during the evening. Bring cash.

Where can I park?
Details of how to get to Impact Hub Birmingham and where to park etc is available here